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To schedule a reading

  • Click on Paypal Button to purchase reading Paypal system will open in a new window. Complete payment 
  •  Come back to website Click Book Appointment to schedule the day and time for your reading you purchased
  • IMPORTANT: At your appointment time, directly call (404) 484-5146 to have your reading done. You will not receive a call from Priestess Calister.
  • Please note: There will be a $10 charge for refunds. Readings are scheduled based on Eastern Standard Time. Please adjust time accordingly when scheduling appointments. Complications with appointment times that come as a result of failure to read written policy will be the responsibility of the client  

Book an appointment with 3rd Eye Psychic LLC using SetMore
Sample Reading This reading will answer 2 questions Only! Using Talking Board
Tarot This is a 10 minute reading using Tarot Only You can ask any questions
Ancestor / Talking Board This reading will cover any questions. Providing guidance from the Ancestors
Haitian Vodoun Reading This reading is done with Playing Cards and Talking Board covers any subject
Love Relationship This reading is done with the Sexual Tarot addressing all relationship concerns
Life Path Readings will address all aspects of your life. This reading will cover all question you have